Why choose single origin cacao?

I worked many years in the Venezuelan Cacao Industry, searching for the best plantations to find the most exquisite cacao – whilst meeting amazing people and places along the way.

My mission is to raise awareness on the social and environmental impact of the Commercial Cacao industry, which exploits the farmers and the land, and why it is important to choose single-origin, sustainable products that protect the earth and give back to their local community.

Venezuela is known to have one of the rarest and finest cacao varieties in the world. Every region has its particular characteristics, flavours and aromas. I am proud to share our cacao with you and the world!

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Sur del Lago, Zulia | Western Venezuela

This is the area where the first Criollo cacao beans originated. This region is located in Western Venezuela between Zulia, Trujillo and Mérida.

Our precious Porcelana bean is a Criollo variety known for its white delicate bean, it is wanted from the best Chocolatiers for its sweet sugar cane, nutty and malt flavours.

Sur del Lago also has other interesting and beautiful varieties of Criollo cacao: Guasare, Merideños, Lobatera and Novillero.

Barlovento, Miranda | Central Venezuela

Barlovento is known for its wide variety of aromatic Trinitarian Cacao trees, a fusion between Criollos, Forasteros and Amelonados, giving us a wide diversity of cacao fruit shapes, colours, cob sizes and seeds to entice the world. In the international cocoa markets, it is found in fermented form. It is also known for its fine aroma.

Río Caribe, Sucre | Northeast Venezuela

Río Caribe is one of the most productive cocoa regions in Venezuela, located on the northeast of Paria Peninsula in Sucre – an enchanting area with a unique ecosystem formed by Tropical jungles and mesmerizing the Caribean sea.

This region is known for the Trinitario Cacao – a fusion between Criollo and Forastero trees. This is a wonderful fusion between the robustness of The Forastero tree and the delicate flavour of our Criollo cacao.

Our ancestors

Our ancestors treasured the cacao bean for its sweet flavour and nutritious qualities. They used to make a cacao drink called 'Chorote', which was drunk as part of their daily diet. They traded cacao beans between the tribes.

When the Spanish arrived in 1498, they felt in love with this bean, becoming the key ingredient for what we know now as chocolate.

It is also said that Criollo cacao beans originated in Venezuela, making us the country with the greatest diversity of Criollo Cacao such as Porcelana, Guasare, Meridenos, Lobatera and Novillero.